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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Saturday was Office Day

The office side of our business has progressed well over the past year with more plans afoot over the coming months to improve our internal systems even further, but even with our good office staff it can be hard to keep on top of all that paperwork that us Sparkies have to fill in, especially with our workload increasing at a satisfying rate from a business perspective.

So on a beautiful sunny Saturday in Central Scotland, i sacrificed my usual ritual of watching my beloved Stirling Albion and decided it was to be a day with my head down stuck in reports, invoices and catching up with some legislation including the new Construction Industry Scheme system which comes into force on 6th April- which incidentally all the sub-contractors we use have been verified as being subby's within the new scheme - so they are not classed as employees so no extra National Insurance money to Hm Revenue and Customs, which is why HMRC have brought the new scheme into place.

So it was down to the office at 8am to start doing invoices, printing off Pat Testing reports and writing up Periodic Inspection Reports - all very boring stuff but it had to be done.

So after some 7 hours in the office, i grabbed some more paperwork and headed home - now i know you shouldn't take work home with you - but its also the end of our tax year today - so it was a good idea to get everything up to date, plus doing the paperwork at home sitting in the conservatory with a beer in hand, is so much better than sitting in an office you see almost every day.

So a couple of beers later, more paperwork was done and Stirling Albion had won 2-0, which at least eased the pain of the paperwork a bit.

Tomorrow I still have some work to do, but before that im out for a relaxing walk with the lovely wife.

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