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Monday, 23 July 2007

I Despair

Proof that the time and effort we are spending just now on setting up our new scheduling and database software will be worthwhile hit home today. We believe our new software will keep us ahead of the game in terms of customer service and allow us to track and keep up to date with all our jobs - I just wish other companies did the same.

On Friday afternoon we received a call from a heating manufacturer, who earlier on this year we started carrying out fault finding work on electric boilers they manufacture that are still under warranty. This customer asked us if we could attend a property in Fife (approx 25 miles away), having agreed that we would attend on Monday, they proceeded to give us all the contact details, which we then in turn contacted the property in Fife and arranged to call this afternoon.

Having attended and diagnosed the problem, which was very evident as it was a burnt wiring loom caused by loose connections, we called up the manufacturer to report the problem and order the spare parts, only then to be told why are you calling us about this, another company are dealing with that job, they attended earlier today and that they have reported burnt connections.

Well yes!!! that is the problem but why are another company dealing with this when you arranged it with us?

Incidentally it was the same person I reported the fault to today, which called us initially on Friday afternoon to ask us to attend the property.

So without even an apology, they made it clear the other company would deal with the remedial work - so without even an apology from me, I asked for a purchase order number and said to expect our invoice in the post.

Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

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