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Monday, 6 August 2007

Gnome Rescue

First strange request of the week - "Can you rescue our gnome"

One of our tourist attraction customers rang this afternoon where thousands of people a day attend to sample some fine Scottish History.

We carry out electrical and audio visual maintenance work within the building and one of the audio visual displays which is a full figure of a historical character in Scottish history with a projected talking head display. The character is cordoned off form the pubic with a wooden surround which is 6 feet high with the character display within the surround and rising to 10 feet.

Seemingly a customer has went to this building with various garden gnomes and has been placing the gnomes in strategic positions within the building and next to various features then photographing the gnomes, presumingly either they have a strange sense of humour or it could be one of these stories you occasionally read in the newspapers about people removing garden gnomes from other peoples garden and then sending them postcards of the gnome spotted in various locations throughout the world.

Anyway, whatever the reason for the person taking photos of the gnome, seemingly a gnome had been placed on the ledge of this wooden surround around the character in preparation for a photo opportunity but had then fallen into the 6 feet void towards the characters feet and this person was ever so upset that their gnome had fallen and was demanding the gnomes immediate rescue.

The customer knowing that this was an audio visual feature of the exhibition called us asking what they could do to rescue this poor gnome, thankfully though we didn't have to dash and become the 4th emergency service, as with the correct ladders you could access this void without causing any harm to the electrics or audio visual equipment.

So perhaps I should add Gnome Rescue to our list of services.

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