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Monday, 22 October 2007

"Complain for Bad Service and Praise for Good Service"

In amongst the daily grind of running a business and trying to deal with all it can throw at you, it really is very satisfying to receive a phone call from a very happy client. I would like to think that we have many satisfied clients as our number of repeat clients is very high, but sometimes just to receive a phone call or be told face to face from a client praising our service makes it all worthwhile.

Last Thursday I posted about receiving several phone calls the day after the first night of frost from people who's electrical overnight storage heaters were not working.

One client called us at 2.30 pm stating that storage heaters in her house were not working. The client was not expecting us to attend that day and was expecting us to attend the next day at the earliest. But realizing that the client had several heaters not working and that another cold night was forecast, we readjusted our schedule and managed to attend the clients premises just after 4pm. We soon had the problem fixed, tested the heaters with a temporary electric supply which meant we confirmed that when the off-peak heating came on overnight the heaters would heat up.

We were soon on our way from the clients premises a little over two hours from receiving the initial phone call.

We don't offer a timed emergency service but we would always try and accommodate jobs we would consider emergencies and try our best to attend asap, so attending, repairing and leaving this job in around two hours is not unusual ( if we have electricians in the area ) and we would certainly look upon it as part of the service we provide and would not look for praise.

But like everyone else, whether you are an employer or an employee it is always pleasing to receive praise and this is what happened when the same client called us at 8.30 the next morning.

The client praised us for the short space of time between her calling up and us attending and the service we provided and told us that she "complains for bad service but always likes to praise good service" and that we would be "recommended to family and friends"

But you know it wasn't the praise of our service that satisfied me the most, what pleased me the most was when she said that she "lived alone" and that she was "lovely and warm and the house was the warmest its been in years".

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