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Monday, 21 April 2008

Rogue Trades- What About Some Rogue Customers?

Heres another news item on Cowboy Rogue Builders - this time by The BBC.

I'm not disputing there are rogue tradespersons and companies out there, and I'm not disputing the gentleman in the BBC video but do you think The BBC or programmes like House of Horrors or Rogue Traders will ever produce a news feature or a tv episode on Rogue Customers.

Maybe if I show these tv companies our Bad Debtors list where we have carried out work and the person we have worked for disappears into thin air before settling their invoice, we could be first on a new tv show called - Hunt Down The Rogue Customers.

There are many excellent reputable tradespersons and companies out in the so called big bad world, just the same as there are many excellent trustworthy customers only too happy to pay for services carried out, its just a pity tv companies don't highlight the few rogue customers the same way they highlight the few rogue tradepersons, instead of tarnishing all companies involved in trade work with the same brush.

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Roguecustomer.com said...

Your prays have been answered. Filming with channel 5 at the moment regarding the rogue customer. Check out our site at www.roguecustomer.com


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