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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Sage P60 problems

Like a lot of companies its end of tax year time, so our accounts staff have been busy doing all the necessary tasks. This year we thought we would take advantage of the Inland Revenues incentive to file our employees end of year returns (P60 & P14) online straight from our Sage Package which is Instant Accounts Plus. If you file the forms online you will receive a £150 reduction from your employer return this year and £100 next year, so we decided to register and look forward to paying the government less for once.

But alas, no such luck. We started two new employees within the last tax year and even though they appear on every other report in Sage , when you print the P60 report (which goes to the employee and the P14 which gets sent online to the Inland Revenue), the forms for these two employees are not generated, so we have no P60's to give to the employees and the Inland Revenue will not accept the online sending of the forms because it knows the forms are missing.

Sage want nearly £100 of our money just to speak to us, yes we found this out after being on hold for 45 minutes today on the phone. Even though we are sure everything has been done correctly when we created these employees into sage when they started, it all points to a sage glitch but they are not having it. So it will be back to the drawing board tomorrow to find out if we can find a fix ourselves, or most of the governments first years £150 incentive will unfortunately be on its way to Sage just so they can say - "hello welcome to Sage - how can we help you solve your problem"

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